Shawn and Onion

You can’t describe how much I love my cats. My cats are everything in the world. People have kids. These are my kids — they’re spoiled rotten. I couldn’t live without them, you know. I just put down my 13 year old and if I didn’t have these, I’d go crazy. They mean everything to me. They don’t argue, they don’t talk back. They’re just the world. I love them to death. They’re great companions.

This clinic means that my cats are healthy. I couldn’t afford to go to a vet otherwise. Veterinarians are so expensive these days that I couldn’t have gotten them fixed or chipped.  They’ve had the shots and boosters and it’s not cost me a penny. If it wasn’t for these people, it wouldn’t have been done because you can’t afford it, especially on a limited income.

This clinic means a lot. Kudos to these people. I love these people. They take time out of their day to come and do this and it’s just fantastic.

I’m the cat man of the neighbourhood, so everybody knows me. I had nine cats at one time. These ladies are great. I love them all, I love them all.

My cats are my life. I treat them like kids. People don’t understand that, but they’re my kids.

People ask me if I’ve got kids. I say, “Ya, I’ve got two.”

They say, “Well, what are their names?”

I say, “Onion and Ladybug.”

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