is the collaboration between multiple disciplines for optimal health for humans, animals and the physical and social environment.


In the last year, this is how many clients we engaged at our clinics.

How does Community Veterinary Outreach practice One Health?

Although we provide pro-bono veterinary care, we are not solely an animal welfare organization. Our mandate is to improve the health and welfare of the client by providing health services and community connections that matter to them. We do this through collaborative partnerships with human health agencies and organizations.

Are human health services present at all clinics and pet fairs?

YES! All clinics and pet fairs have social and various health services imbedded within them, depending on the partnerships in the region. These services include smoking reduction and cessation, primary health care including flu vaccination, dental care access, harm reduction (naloxone kits, safe injection supplies), and healthy living/ exercise advice.

How does this approach work?

By amplifying health messaging through veterinary care (example: improved oral health is important for dogs, cats, and humans), we can engage pet owners in care for themselves.

One Health in Action