Veterinary volunteers improve lives for homeless pet owners – Ottawa Citizen

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Black, white, brown — and now a little grey around the muzzle — Spanky jumps onto Ron Potter’s lap while the pair wait for their turn to visit the vet at a clinic set up in the Ottawa Mission. The two are constant companions. “He is my best friend, my family,” says Potter, 65, of his 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier. Potter has a room now at a senior’s home but for awhile he made his bed on a park bench. Spanky slept along side him. “He’s No. 1.” The bond between Potter and his dog is visible. Having a place to take the dog for care that he couldn’t otherwise afford has made a difference to both Potter’s and Spanky’s lives. Local veterinarians who volunteer their time to care for the pets of homeless people and those at risk of homelessness have found their clinics are improving the lives of pets and their owners in some surprising ways. Read More:

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