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  • Volunteer Release Agreement

    Community Veterinary Outreach (“CVO”) is a volunteer non-profit organization that provides preventative veterinary education as well as care and treatment to animals owned by underprivileged individuals, with the ultimate goal of improving not only the health of the animal, but also to support the physical and emotional wellbeing of their owners or guardians and contribute to protecting public health. CVO depends on the financial support of the community and volunteer service to assist with its day-to-day operations. There are many opportunities for volunteer work at CVO, including hands on animal care and providing education to animal owners, caregivers and the public. This volunteer work involves risks. Through its volunteer orientation, CVO attempts to inform you of these risks. However, to remain financially viable as an organization, CVO cannot assume responsibility for your exposure to these risks. Therefore, in order to volunteer with CVO and work around the animals and their owners and/or caregivers, please review and sign this Agreement. If you have not yet attained the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign this Agreement for you. If you have any questions please contact Michelle Lem at michelle.lem@vetoutreach.org or 613-355-9371. Thank you! In consideration for CVO accepting me as a volunteer (“I”, “me”, “my”, “myself” or “Volunteer”): A. I acknowledge that:
    • I am 18 years of age or older [or I am the parent or legal guardian of Volunteer];
    • I agree to provide volunteer services to CVO in a professional and responsible manner and that such services are not compulsory and that my participation is completely voluntary;
    • CVO cares for animals in need of treatment and provides preventative veterinary care to animals of the homeless and street-involved and, consequently, I will be providing volunteer services for and working closely with such individuals and animals;
    • By volunteering for CVO, I may take part in the examination, vaccination and/or treatment of animals belonging to event participants, which will expose me to the animals and pet owners, and I understand that the animals may carry certain diseases which can be transmitted to me and that the animals can also bite, scratch or otherwise injure me, and I accept these risks;
    • CVO operates the Mission Veterinary Care Program to provide preventative health care to animals of the homeless in conjunction with other local social agencies to assist CVO in the treatment of animals;
    • Pictures of me taken while volunteering with CVO may be used in brochures, websites, videos, etc. and that CVO has permission to use any and all photographs or images of me in materials that promote CVO services or programs;
    • I have read and understood this Volunteer Release Agreement;
    • I give up substantial legal rights by signing this Agreement; and
    • I have signed this Agreement freely and voluntarily.
    B. I also agree that by volunteering with CVO I will not hold CVO, or any social agencies working in conjunction with CVO, liable or responsible for any loss, damage, illness or injury, including death, suffered by me while volunteering for CVO.