Reba and Jake the Dog

I actually had Jake given to me when he was a little kittle, palm sized. Someone wasn’t able to take care of him, so I took him in. And he’s been a big suck ever since.

He loves his mommy. He’s not really much of a people person normally, he’s a shy one, about three years old. And he’s definitely the best thing that I’ve found in the past three years. He’s shown me a lot of responsibility trying to take care of the cat.

He’s a very difficult rascal. He likes to knock over things. I always say if he had a thumb, we’d kind of be screwed. He’s just my everything. My favourite thing in the world.

He’s like a best friend to me — always there for me, always needing me to come home. I always have to remember to rush home during the day and feed him and give him extra treats all the time.

I honestly would not be able to afford to get my cat neutered normally. And he has a very bad spraying problem. So it’s the greatest thing in the world to have the help to be able to afford it. I love that people have come together in the community to put something like this together.