Palliative Care, Acupuncture for Pets

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If you had a sick pet a few years ago, your options were limited. Taking the dog to the vet when something wasn’t quite right was one. Keeping the dog home and waiting to see an improvement was the other. If the animal was terminally ill, it was put down. But in an era of dog-friendly restaurants, designer animal boutiques and homemade organic dog food, it was only a matter of time before veterinary care caught up with the times. And caught up it has, with the health care options available for animals almost completely mirroring the resources available for us human types. Case in point: the upcoming mini vet school at Algonquin College, a speaker series designed to make you a better pet owner and outline alternative resources available to help you out when Fido falls ill. The Sun spoke with three vets participating in the program about their areas of expertise Read full article:

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