Dogs can be a best friend to the down-and-out

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The way Andrew Johnston sees it, without Smokey, there’s nothing. “Dogs are better than most people,” says the homeless 23-year-old, petting his golden-haired puppy as he sits on the cold tile stoop of a shuttered Queen St. storefront. “She’s the only thing I got in this world besides my life, and my life ain’t going anywhere,” he says. “I’m there for her and she’s there for me.” Johnston is one of many pet owners living on Toronto streets. Some who work with the city’s homeless have noticed an uptick in the number of dog owners on the street recently. And that might be a good thing — even if the canines might keep them out of shelters because most don’t accept pets. Read the full article:–dogs-can-be-a-best-friend-to-the-down-and-out

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