Dave Brown: Bond between pets and the homeless transcends economics

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Most of us have seen homeless people with dogs, and some have asked whether  people who can’t provide for themselves should be allowed to have pets. Veterinarian Michelle Lem has made it her mission to help care for the  homeless pets of homeless people, and she was ready for the question. “The question should be: Should we allow people to be homeless?” The Kanata mother of twins, age six, is the driving force behind Community  Veterinary Outreach. The volunteer agency started reaching out nine years ago,  and has since vaccinated about 1,500 dogs. The idea has reached Hamilton and  Toronto, where similar agencies are in operation. Read more: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/Dave+Brown+Bond+between+pets+homeless+transcends+economics/7322124/story.html#ixzz289GsaPNN

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