Links to Other Pet Health Resources


The ASPCA offers an excellent site for education on dog, cat and horse behaviour issues

The American Humane Society has excellent resources and videos as part of its’ Animal Behaviour Resource Institute 

For professional resources on low stress animal handling and behaviour, Dr. Sophia Yin has an excellent blog and other resources.


Veterinary Partner provides extensive resources on the health of dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, birds and small mammals.

Vet Help Direc is a UK website that can help determine if your pet needs immediate veterinary care.


The American Association of Feline Practitioners provides excellent information on cat health, signs and symptoms to watch for, diseases and conditions, behavioural health, dental health, and senior care.

Ohio State University has a great site for cat owners with resources on indoor cat needs and common feline behaviour issues

“Have we seen your cat lately?” is a site with feline facts, information on common feline illnesses, and other health & wellness tips.

CatHealth is another great site to learn more about cat health.


Pet Food Nutrition is a reputable site for answers to common pet nutrition questions and provides resources to learn more about the nutritional needs of our pets.

Pet Nutrition Alliance has both pet owner and veterinary resources, as well as current nutritional guidelines for pets.


Both the ASPCA Animal Poison Control and the Pet Poison Helpline provide information and assistance in cases of animal poisoning.