Laurie and Quincy and Benny

I got Benny first. I had addiction problems with drugs and with alcohol and I lived on the streets for 10 years.

My dogs have kept me clean. They’ve given me a new perspective in life. They’ve showed me love — unconditional love.

I working on bettering my life, on going back to academic upgrading.

Right now money’s tight for me. Without the clinic here I don’t where I would be. I would probably have to sacrifice a lot of things because my dogs do come first — just like my kids. And I would definitely — and I hate to say it — I’ve been more of a better parent to my dogs than I was to my kids because I’m straight. And these guys — I make sure they eat well. They eat good food.

I am grateful for this program. I do not take advantage of it. I use it because I need it.

Some day I hope I will be on my feet and I’ll be able to pay for my dogs like regular working people…. I’m just grateful that my dogs are healthy and that Quincy is going to get better. Because without them, I don’t know where I would be.