The Mission Veterinary Care program began in 2003 providing preventative health care to animals of the homeless at the Ottawa Mission, and is now also operating in Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto, ON. Operating from CVO (College of Veterinarians of Ontario) licensed companion animal mobiles and staffed with volunteers, animals are examined, vaccinated, treated for internal and external parasites, and owners receive education and advice on nutrition, dental care, behaviour, and the benefits of sterilization.

We accept clients on a referral basis from community partnerships that we have developed that include area shelters, municipal public health, community health centres, and mental health organizations. We have refined the intake process to ensure that we are reaching our target population of the homeless, at-risk homeless, and street-involved. This population of pet owners are either homeless, at high risk of becoming homeless, or marginally housed.

…providing preventive veterinary education and care to the animals of those in need…

By providing preventive veterinary education and care to the animals of those in need, we improve not only the health of the animal, but also contribute to protecting public health, support the physical and emotional well-being of their owners or guardians, and engage a vulnerable population in social and health services. We help to maintain a strong and healthy human-animal bond for those to whom that bond may be the most significant relationship in their life.